Creative Kinesis is the web studio of CK Hicks, currently based in Kansas City, Missouri

Kurt Johnson Photography

Kurt Johnson Photography - development, et al

Kurt Johnson has over 30 years of professional photographic experience, originating in the photojournalism field, with an emphasis in architecture. Kurt has worked for companies such as HDR, ESPN, Union Pacific, ABC, CBS and NBC. I have known Kurt for several years; he remains one of my favorite people to work with.

Michael "Dorkman" Scott - all aspects

Michael “Dorkman” Scott is a writer, filmmaker, visual effects artist, co-creator of the viral Ryan vs. Dorkman web video series, and a regular contributor to the Down in Front movie commentary and discussion podcast. I've known Michael for about 10 years now, and it was a pleasure to re-shape his site for him.

Copper Canyon Coffee - all aspects

Copper Canyon Coffee is a small-town coffee roaster with big-town expertise. They strive to provide the best flavors on a scale that overshadows every Missouri roaster except Starbucks. I really enjoyed working with Copper Canyon to give their site a fresh look and provide toolsets for future growth and expansion!

Esterly Schneider Associates, Inc.

Esterly Schneider Associates, Inc. - development, et al

Esterly, Schneider & Associates, Inc., AIA and their consultants provide complete architectural analysis and design, accurate project budgeting of cost and time and quality in project construction. This project brought the 65 year-old company into the present day by providing a starting point for their online content.

By (Your) BookBy (Your) BookNo stock templates or lorem ipsum. Every project is custom-tailored for you.

Definable GoalsDefinable GoalsIf you can't outline your content strategy, consider requesting my input early on.

Sticky & SustainableSticky & SustainableWebsites come in all sizes. I craft scalable, unique solutions to complex problems.

Open Business PracticesOpen Business PracticesEasy billing, project exclusivity, and no hidden fees. Stay as long as you like.

Happy Clients

Working with Creative Kinesis is more than exchanging payments and deliverables. Most clients are repeat customers, drawn by a personal touch, coming back for more hard work and great results.


  • Copper Canyon Coffee
  • Dominion Partners, LLC
  • All-Star Moonwalks
  • Four Points Federal Credit Union
  • Horse Training Resources
  • Kurt Johnson Photography
  • Bailey's Entertainment Group
  • Priority Pest Control
  • Esterly Schneider & Associates
  • Yachter Family Chiropractic
  • Tour Resource Center
  • Glassman Plastic Surgery
  • Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours
  • Performance Consulting Ltd
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